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The Des Plaines History Center holds collections of historic and reproduction materials for preservation, research, and interpretation. 

Items for permanent accession

"Accessioned" material are those that the museum intends to keep on a permanent basis. "Permanent" means that the museum will hold the item for the foreseeable future. The History Center is legally and ethically obligated to maintain accessioned collections for the purposes of preservation, research, and interpretation. Staff must consider the following before accessioning material: known Des Plaines history or connection, museum collection storage space, physical integrity of the material, potential for research, potential for exhibition, and copyright.

Items for unaccessioned collections

"Unaccessioned" material are those that museum may hold for education or short-term use. Many of these items may be handled by public audiences, such as elementary students, in order to have an enhanced experience with history. Material considered for our unaccessioned collections are reproductions, duplicates of material in accessioned collections, or material without provenance or Des Plaines history.

Giving Material to the History Center

When you want to donate material to the History Center, please contact the staff to set up an appointment. We review each item individually to make sure it fits our mission and goals. Our first step is to learn about the material you want to donate. We may ask you about the history of the material: who has owned it, how did it come to you, are there any memories you or other might have of it. What is the Des Plaines connection: was it made here, was it used in a home here?

If the material seems like it fits into the collections, the History Center staff will ask you to deposit it at the 

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